How to care for dentures

  1. Cleansing and disinfection
    Food debris is ideal breeding ground for bacteria creating bad breath (halitosis) and inflammation of the oral cavity. Daily hygienic cleansing and disinfection is therefore very important.
    dentipur® rapid cleansing tablets ensure both hygienically clean and fresh dentures within three minutes and effective disinfection after 15 minutes. Overnight soaking is also possible.
  2. Cleansing with a denture brush
    Lot of dentists recommend cleansing of dentures from time to time by the aid of a denture brush. To protect the material of dentures you should use especially developed gel like the proven dentipur gel.
    It has the following advantages:
    • Economical, quick, gentle and thorough
    • Put 1-2 drops of dentipur gel on the damp denture brush, brush for 2-3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly under clean water – replace
    • Removes plaque and stains caused by tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine etc.
    • Prevents denture odour and bad breath
  3. Practical information
    Dental prostheses can slide out of the hand and break during cleaning. Therefore you can hold the dental prosthesis while brushing over a sink filled with a little water.