Tips for getting used to a new dental prosthesis

  1. New dentures – like a foreign body
    A new denture is like having a foreign body in the mouth. It feels strange and out of place. And it needs some time and patience to get used to it.
  2. Pressure points and inflammation
    Pressure points or inflammation can occur initially and can be very painful. In such cases dentipur oil plus helps to soothe gums and palate. Should pain persist it is recommended you consult your dentist.
  3. Problems when speaking
    Problems when speaking can be overcome by reading aloud and speaking frequently.
  4. Chewing
    hewing becomes less of a problem after the first few days when mainly soft foods are recommended. Also eat small quantities and chew slowly.
  5. Care of denture and oral hygiene
    Correct care with regular oral hygiene will ensure best adaptation for new denture wearers. With years of experience the dentipur range has been developed to solve all problems associated with new dentures.
  6. Perfect fit for dentures
    Sometimes through gum recession dentures may become loose fitting. In these cases the problem can be solved by using either dentipur premium fixative cream or dentipur adhesive powder.