Helago®-Care oil

With chamomile and sage for the care of irritated oral mucosa and skin.

Our proven classic Helago®-care-oel has been appreciated by consumers, dentists, pharmacists and dental technicians for decades.

Helago® care oil contains no preservatives, no alcohol and no artificial flavors or odors. It is therefore particularly well suited for regular and long-term use in older people and children.

Recommended Use:

  • Mouth inflammation
  • Pressure points (eg due to dental prostheses)
  • Wound nose (in case of cold)
  • Sunburn burns
  • Skin abrasions, scratches
  • Rhagades (skin cracks)
  • insect bites

Apply several drops of Helago® Care Oil undiluted several times daily to the sensitive or irritated areas of the skin or oral mucosa. The easiest way to apply the oil with the fingertip. You can also use a cotton swab or a thin brush.

To prevent or relieve pressure points triggered by dental prostheses, one to two drops of Helago®-care-oil are applied to the contact side of the prosthesis. When inserting the dental prosthesis, the oil then spreads by itself as a film over the entire surface. We recommend that you do not eat or drink for about 15 minutes after using Helago® Oral Care Oil.