• 1932At the end of June 1932 30 year old merchant Peter Heinz goes into business as a distributor of rubber slices for the fixation of dentures.
    At the beginning of October 1932 he is joined by a toolmaker Erich Laufer. From then on the company operates under the name Heinz & Laufer.
  • 1933Peter Heinz receives his first utility patent for an improved Button for rubber suckers for artificial teeth in 1933, February 7.
  • 1938First patent for the trade name HELAGO®, a neologism from the first letters of the company’s founders and the seat of the company in Godesberg (suburb of Bonn).
  • 1940Launch of a cleansing powder for dentures is followed by Helago® Pflege-Oel (today dentipur® oil plus) against inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth and a fixative powder for dentures.
  • 1942Two symbolic towers (castle of Godesberg) and a bridge straddling the river Rhine form the initial of the company’s name of the logo which has been patented in 1941. This logo is still in use.
    On Christmas Eve 1941 the brand dentipur® gel is registered. The same international brand as used today.
  • 1950 Until the end of the decade Helago expand the assortment by the predecessor of today’s cleansing gel, a toothpaste and a patented denture brush.
  • 1955The business partners separate and Peter Heinz continues the pharmaceutical branch under the name of Helago-Fabrik and Erich Laufer continues the technical branch under the name of Heinz & Laufer.
    Peter Heinz purchases a villa in the Koblenzer Straße to which he adds a new production plant in 1968.
  • 1967In 1967 Helago launches its still most important product denture cleansing tablets.
  • 1970Launching of dentipur improved formula denture cleansing gel.
  • 1984After the death of the founder in 1982, June 7, his widow sells the company to Marianne Schiffelbein and the general manager Hermann Josef Becks and rents the property to Helago.
    On 9th of July in 1984 the company is registered as Helago-Pharma GmbH.
  • 1988After the death of Hermann Josef Becks on 24th of August Liesel Svoboda, former assistant of the founder becomes general manager.
  • 1995After the death of Margarethe Heinz, widow of the founder, the heirs sell the properties. Helago outsources production and subsequently operates with specialised contract manufacturers..
  • 1999New general manager Dr. Norbert J. Pies expands the export significantly and multiplies the annual turnover within a few years.
  • 2008Rapid expansion of fixative cream for dentures.
  • 2017Helago is a modern company with certified medical devices and cosmetic classifications, well prepared for the future..